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Models & Miniatures – From Prototypes to Mini-Sets

A model is a 3D replication of something or someone. It can be a sculpture, carving, prototype, or other medium and the goal is to bring the prop as close as possible to the original item or prototype. Models may be scaled down or life-sized or anywhere in between.

A miniature is a scaled down version of an item. Miniature sets are popular among film makers because it enables them to go on location without leaving the studio, create weather conditions without waiting for Mother Nature and create worlds that only exist in the imagination.

Models may also be miniature versions of the original item, such as a vehicle built to 1:4 scale or the Eiffel Tower scaled down to 1:32.

Whether you need a flood-ravaged town in 1:10 scale or a model of a futuristic bridge, we’ve got you covered. Call us at 818-767-6767 or fill out our convenient estimate form today to get your project started.

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